Mojo Me — Banting Rusk Premix


Another Recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online:

Banting Rusk Premix

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Almonds (Ground)
Flaxseeds (Ground)
Erythritol (non-nutritive sweetener)
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Baking Powder
Himalayan Rock Salt

Makes ±16 rusks

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Use Mojo Me Banting Rusk Premix. Home-baked goodness and freshness are best! Packed with superfood seeds, coconut MCT’s and ground almonds these rusks are brimming with goodness and antioxidants. Free from added sugar, gluten, grain, starch flours and empty calories each rusk is high in healthy fats and has less than 1 gram glycaemic carbs

Another recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online.


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