Mojo Me — Dark Chocolate Brownies Premix


Another Recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online:

Dark Chocolate Brownies Premix

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100% Pure Macadamia Nuts (milled)
Sugar-Free Handcrafted Chocolate Hearts (sweetened with Banting “Green Listed” Erythritol and Stevia)
Cocoa Powder
Coconut Flour
Erythritol (non-nutritive sweetener)
Sodium Bicarbonate
Xanthan Gum (<1%)


Nutritional Data


Serving Size: 27g (Per Brownie) Per 100g Per Serving (Per Brownie)
Energy (kJ) 1575 425
Calories (kCal) 376 102
Protein 11.3 3.1
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 2.8 <1
of which Total Sugar (g) 1.3 0.35
Total Fat (g) 32.3 8.7
of which saturated fat (g) 11.8 3.2
Dietary Fibre* (g) 18.3 4.9
Total Sodium (mg) 220 59


5 minutes is all it takes to whip up seriously decadent chocolate brownies for your next celebration. Use Mojo Me Dark Chocolate Brownies Premix. Our unique hand-crafted sugar-free chocolate hearts (sweetened with erythritol and a dash of Stevia) make these brownies some of the best you will ever taste, even if you have to admit making them yourself! Our signature recipe uses milled macadamia nuts instead of wheat flour so its naturally gluten free and perfect for those with gluten allergies or as part of your low-carb or banting lifestyle. Best of all, each Brownie contains less than 1g glycaemic carbs.*

Another recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online.


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