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Another Recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online:

Psyllium Husk

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0.5g glycaemic carbs per 2g serving

Psyllium is a form of fibre derived from the husks of the Plantago Ovata plant’s seeds. It is commonly used as a natural bulk forming laxative. It soaks up water in your gut and makes bowel movements much easier.

Recommended by MojoMe:

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of Psyllium Husk with at least 1 glass of liquid. Take once or twice daily on an empty stomach.

300g per pack

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All natural finest Pharma grade 100% Psyllium Husk. High in fibre, it’s just what you need for a happy colon and a healthy heart — so it’s a must to add to your daily diet!

Another recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online.


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