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Another Recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online:

Xylitol Icing Dust

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Xylitol is a natural sweetener sometimes derived from Birch trees.

It is already an extremely popular alternative to sugar because it is suitable for diabetics, is low carb and has 40% less calories.

Xylitol is used in the global manufacture of many sugar-free branded products, including baked goods, sweets and chewing gum.

0g glycaemic carbohydrate!

Xylitol is toxic for dogs

250g per pack

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30 seconds is all it takes to whip up some delicious cream cheese cake icing. A healthy and safe alternative to sugar, this finely milled 100% Pure Xylitol Icing Dust, perfect for dusting freshly baked cakes or mixing with full fat cream cheese for a delicious and totally carb free icing.

Another recommendation by Diabetics and Low Carb Online.


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